NURS 8250/NURS 8250N Week 2: Phenomena of Interest

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NURS 8250/NURS 8250N: Advanced Theoretical and Scientific Perspectives in Nursing | Week 2

In Carolina’s practice as a pediatric nurse, she often notices family members of children with chronic illnesses displaying symptoms of stress. She wonders if easing family members’ stress would improve patient outcomes at the health care organization where she works. Carolina thinks this would make an interesting subject for research in her doctoral program. As she starts to search the literature on this topic, she discovers that there is a lot of information available. She wonders, “What aspect of this phenomenon do I really want to investigate, and why?” Carolina realizes that she will need to approach this as if she is constructing a puzzle, gathering pieces and putting them together to create a picture that shows exactly what she needs to look at.

As you explored last week, the term phenomenon refers to some aspect of reality that can be observed and studied. Nurses often uncover compelling phenomena through their interactions with patients or the public, discussions with colleagues, and examination of health data and information in the literature.

This week, you select a significant phenomenon that you would like to investigate in this course and, potentially, through your dissertation research later in this PhD program. In the Discussion, you identify your phenomenon of interest, offer a high-level view of your theoretical foundation, and explain potential implications for research, practice, education, and/or leadership. In addition, you submit your phenomenon of interest for Instructor review. Once you have received Instructor approval of your phenomenon of interest, you will be able to move forward with developing your theoretical foundation during subsequent weeks of the course.

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Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Analyze phenomena of interest
  • Analyze elements of theoretical foundations for research
  • Explain how development of theoretical foundations may facilitate positive contributions in nursing research, practice, education, and/or leadership

NURS 8250/NURS 8250N Week 2: Phenomena of Interest essay assignment

At this point in your PhD program, you may already be thinking about problems or questions that you would like to address through your dissertation research. If not, reflect on your professional and academic experiences. Which phenomena have captured your attention? Is there one, in particular, that you are eager to explore?

Investigating a phenomenon and building a theoretical foundation for research requires creative thinking, organization, and attention to detail. In this Discussion, you are encouraged to identify strategies or tools you may use to successfully navigate this process. Also in this Discussion, you begin to develop a broad, albeit tentative, theoretical foundation that may guide your study of a selected phenomenon. In addition, you consider how developing these theoretical elements would help you make a positive contribution in research, practice, education, and/or leadership.

While you are not required to select your dissertation topic right now, you are encouraged to use this Discussion and your work in this course as preparation for your dissertation research or other research related to your focus area.

To prepare
  • Review the strategies presented in the “Theoretical Foundation for Research” document provided in the Week 1 Learning Resources. Examine the literature review information presented in this week’s Optional Resources, and evaluate other strategies or tools you have used in previous coursework. Identify strategies/tools that you will use in this course to manage information from the literature and record your own thought processes while investigating a phenomenon of interest and developing a theoretical foundation. Begin to use these strategies/tools as you prepare for this Discussion.
  • Select a phenomenon of interest to you. Ideally, the phenomenon you choose will relate to the dissertation research you plan to conduct later in this PhD program or other research related to your focus area. (You will submit your phenomenon for Instructor approval this week.)
  • Conduct a search of the literature from nursing and other disciplines to see what has been written about your phenomenon.
  • Based on your review of the literature and your own interests as a scholar-practitioner, identify elements that you may use to develop your theoretical foundation for a future program of research. This includes concepts, conceptual relationships, frameworks/theories, and graphic models related to your phenomenon of interest. (Bear in mind that these will likely evolve as you proceed through the course.)
  • Consider how developing elements of a theoretical foundation may be advantageous as you strive to make a positive contribution in research, practice, education, and/or leadership.

NURS 8250/NURS 8250N Week 2: Phenomena of Interest essay assignment

By Day 3

Post your phenomenon of interest. Describe concepts, conceptual relationships, frameworks/theories, and/or graphic models that may be appropriate for addressing your phenomenon. Explain how developing these theoretical elements may be beneficial as you to strive to make a positive contribution in practice, research, education, and/or leadership.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues as follows:

  • Provide suggestions for making the phenomenon more concrete or manageable for dissertation work or other prospective research.
  • Suggest additional concepts, conceptual relationships, frameworks/theories, research questions/hypotheses, and/or graphic models that may be applicable to the phenomenon of interest.

Assignment: Phenomenon of Interest Approval

In this week’s Discussion, you shared with your colleagues a phenomenon of interest that you would like to investigate in this course, and, potentially, in your dissertation work or another program of research. Through this Assignment, your Instructor will provide feedback on the phenomenon you have selected and ensure that it is appropriate for forthcoming course assignments.

To prepare
  • Review the phenomenon of interest you posted in this week’s Discussion and revise as necessary.
To complete

Write an approximately 1-page paper in which you:

  • Identify your PhD focus area (i.e., public health policy, health care administration, leadership, education, or interdisciplinary).
  • Describe the phenomenon you have selected. Be as specific as possible in naming the population and other aspects of this phenomenon that are relevant to your investigation.
  • Explain why you have selected this phenomenon.

By Day 4

Submit your Assignment.

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