Mobile X Ray Machine for Special Care Baby Unite Radiography

Get Mobile X Ray Machine for Special Care Baby Unite Radiography essay assignment help

Mobile X Ray Machine for Special Care Baby Unite Radiography essay assignment

A new mobile X-ray system is required for your hospital to use in the Special Care Baby Unit.

Write an equipment specification for your ideal unit, explaining and justifying your requirements

You are advised to consult the websites and catalogues of the leading manufacturers of medical imaging equipment to ascertain and understand what equipment is currently available and to use your lecture notes to guide additional reading and published research.

Your specification must not be a reproduction of a current system but should be the specification of your ideal system, based on, and evidenced by, your research.

Your submitted work should demonstrate you have met the following module learning outcomes:

1.6 Evaluate radiographic technology in relation to image optimization & quality.

2.1 Select appropriate equipment, plan, manage, implement and evaluate imaging procedures that are appropriate to, and take account of the individual patient`s health status and psychological and physical needs for a diverse range of patients.

2.2 Operate X-ray equipment safely and effectively both in the X-ray department and in other locations, optimizing the examination relative to the patient`s condition and the surrounding environment.

2.3 Analyse the characteristics of an image to measure and assess its technical and diagnostic quality, and undertake quality assurance tests.

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Background information about your subject so the reader could understand what you are writing about

So you might tell the reader what SCBU is and what is function ? What sort of patient  you might find in there? What is special about SCBU? Why is it a patient  in SCBU ?

what sort of  things and illnesses cause to be in SCBU ?

thousands of babies are born every day Babies are born everyday in the UK a very small number of them end up in SCBU , why might be in SCBU? And what might be recalled to do in SCBU?

What you likely to do in SCBU ?what the main kind of  procedure you do (mainly chest x-ray and sometimes abdomen as well ) ? And what kind of illnesses the patient present with ?

Explain the over all design of the machine

If you want to argue that your machine should only live on SCBU and should not go anywhere else then put a good argument for that . if you want to argue that it should be multi  functional then put an argument for that but do remember either way is going to have an influence on the specifications of your machine

It’s important that either way whether you decide it’s only for SCBU or for general use then your specifications for your machine must reflect that which way you decide to go.

Thing you might consider

general design for your machine

Lay out of the SCBU unit

Think about the fact that your patients are going to be in incubators and what do you need to  build working within those  parameters so you might be thinking about your tube column and the tube arm and movements of the tube column and tube arm

You should consider things such as machine is it going to be motorized its motorized or not do you need some safety devices to make sure you’re not knocking the incubators over. you need to think about things such as storage of the machine you need to think about setting such as the features of the control panel  think about your image detector and about accessories as well such as  lead apron…ECT

What particularly design feature will make your machine good for SCBU?

So you  don’t have to go in massive debts about the generator but  what is it this machine is going to do what would be a reasonable type of generating to use for this machine to have and then then linking up the x-ray tube .

Thing you might consider

Focal spot sizes


Some information about x-ray tube

Think about who you are x-raying ? What( natal child) and what anatomy you going to look at  the natal child)

The x ray tube is linked with the sort of procedure we dealing with (the type of examination undertaking )

So try linking the design feature of the X-ray tube to the type of examination you undertake

Of course your x-ray tube will not work unless you have control panel on the machine and use your control panel to set up an exposure factors

Talk about the exposure factors of the type of patient you are x raying

The detector is going to CR system or DR system ?

What type of detectors are going be best Utilize in SCBU?

You can talk about

1 Spatial resolution (What kind of examination might be done in SCBU when spatial resolution is important and why ?)

2 Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)

3 Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE)

Not needed a massive section on these but these things you want to drop in to your writing ( spatial resolution is really important with the sort of the examination you going to do on SCBU)


Are going to use the normal size in SCBO ? Or you will use different size and say why?

Where  are you going to put that detector? Will it be at the patient’s back? Or somewhere else?

You need to make sure you include everything important when it come to SCBU

Bring the whole thing in to a good ending

And conclude What  you have written (you will created your machine to use in SCBU

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