Human Services & Health Care System

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Human Services & Health Care System essay assignment

Given one of three instructor-created scenarios of an individual moving between the human service and healthcare systems assess and analyze how the health sector financing and policy, care management, private health coverage, and government programs and reforms impact the cost, quality, experience, and outcomes of care and delivery as it relates to the individual in the scenario.

Be sure to include an analysis of the factors influencing the outcomes and the individual’s satisfaction. This assignment should be 10 pages in length. The analysis should be written as a formal academic paper adhering to APA writing style and cite relevant literature and materials from the course.

Present the analysis, as well, in a succinct and informative manner.

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See the scenarios below- Per instructions we are to pick one

Scenario 1 – From the hospital to rehabilitation at a SNF

Robert is an 80-year-old male who was admitted to the hospital for a total hip replacement. Besides the issues with his hip, he is otherwise in good health. He lives by himself in a townhome with income he receives from social security and a small pension. Robert has no savings to speak of. He is covered by Medicare A &B. After the surgery to replace his hip he spent a total of three consecutive days as an inpatient. At the time of discharge, Robert’s physician determined that he was going to require rehabilitation services three times a week for a minimum of three months. Robert entered the facility and stayed a total of 120 days with no breaks in service. After that time Robert returned home

Scenario 2 – From the hospital to the nursing home

Janice is a 70-year-old female. She has dementia and is still living at home with her husband, however was nearing the point where she was going to need more care than her husband or other family members could provide. Janice is covered by Medicare A and B. She owns her modest home with her husband. The live on their social security benefits and also have a small amount of money left in a retirement account. She arrived at the local hospital with chest pain. After undergoing a battery of tests her doctor ruled out a heart attack but noticed an arrhythmia that he felt warranted further monitoring. Janice was placed on observation to determine if she should be admitted. During the two days she spent in observation it was determined that the arrhythmia was not an issue but her demented state deteriorated to the point where she could not return home. The local Happytime Nursing Home did not have any beds so she was placed in Sunnyside Nursing Home in a community 40 miles away from her current home.

Scenario 3 – From the hospital to hospice

Margaret is a 93-year-old female living by herself in a small home she owns in a rural area. She has family that checks on her daily and that are willing to stay with her should the need arise. She utilizes Meals-on-Wheels twice a week. She is covered by Medicare A & B and receives only social security income. Margaret’s grandson found her unconscious in her home and she was admitted to the local hospital. She was diagnosed with colon cancer (stage 4) and given less than three months to live. Although she was going to require palliative care, Margaret was adamant about wanting to spend the rest of her life at home surrounded by her friends and family. Hospice care was arranged for Margaret and she passed away seven months later surrounded by her family.

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