NURS 8600 Week 3: Journal and Time Log I

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NURS 8600/ NURS 8600A/ NURS 8600F/ NURS 8600M/ NURS 8600S/ NURS 8600W/ NURS 8600C: DNP Field Experience | Week 3

The journals and time logs you complete in this course help to ensure that you are making significant, steady progress toward your practicum hours requirements and towards the learning objectives you developed in your Practicum Experience. These assignments also allow you to communicate regularly with your Instructor in this course and receive feedback and guidance during your practicum.

As you continue your engagement within your practicum setting, consider the learning objectives outlined in your Practicum Experience as well as the overall career goals you have set for yourself. Reflect on your experiences within your practicum setting, and refer to the Week 1 Assignment 1 area for a full description of the practicum requirements.

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Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Evaluate Practicum Experience

NURS 8600 Week 3: Journal and Time Log I essay assignment

Assignment: Journal I

Journal entries need to connect your previous professional experience with your practice, competencies/concepts in the program, and the information provided in your Practicum Experience. You will continue adding to your journal, creating a cumulative log of your Practicum Experience as a whole. This comprehensive journal will be submitted as a whole for each journal submission assignment.

All journal entries are one page in length (250–300 words) and should adhere to the Walden University guidelines for scholarly writing. Visit the Walden Writing Center for assistance. Include APA-style citations and references where appropriate.

By Day 7

Submit your first journal entry of your practicum experiences.

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