NURS 6730 Week 10: Public Health Leadership at the Professional Level

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NURS 6730: Public Health Nursing Leadership | Week 10 essay assignment

Over the last few weeks, you have examined the role of the PHN Leader at a variety of levels: personal, team, organizational, community/local, national, and international. You have examined the unique skills required to function effectively at each of these levels. You have also been able to see how these skills and your own unique leadership style, professional, and personal experiences come together to shape your leadership identity. The final level of leadership discussed by Rowitz (2018) is public health leadership at the professional level. While this level relates to each of the other levels, it is reflective of what the PHN leader does to build a unified profession of public health as well as those strategic actions taken to enhance one’s own professional development.

Leadership at the professional level involves sharing your leadership experiences with others. This includes sharing model public health programs that have worked and lessons learned – your own best practices, how you have used your leadership to create positive change in our communities, how you have created partnerships to enhance the work of public health, what advocacy programs worked, and how you and the teams you have led have influenced public health policy.

This week, you will examine your own goals for professional development as a public health nurse leader as well as develop specific strategies for reaching those goals. You also will explore professional organizations that can support your ongoing growth and the mentor’s role in facilitating that process.

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Learning Objectives

Students will:
  • Analyze personal development of public health nursing competencies and professional legacy (A)
  • Create a professional organization information sheet (A)
  • Create interview questions related to professional-level development (J)
  • Analyze professional mentor guidance(J)
  • Identify actions for professional-level development(J)

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Assignment: Professional Level Leadership

Leadership at the professional level involves creating your own unique strategic plan for your professional development, such as additional education, training, and certification as well as professional organizations where you can grow among like-minded individuals. In the words of John F. Kennedy:

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

One valuable tool that can guide your professional development and goal setting is the creation of a career legacy map. What might be better in public health because of your professional efforts and contributions? When nursing professionals declare a professional legacy, they are likely to maintain a focus on achieving their legacy and experience meaning in the process (Hinds, et al., 2014). A legacy map not only shows you your destination, but it also identifies important stops along the way.

For this Assignment, you will focus on your leadership competency development and consider your involvement with professional public health organizations for continued development.

To prepare:

  • Review this week’s Resources.
  • Review the ANA Scope & Standards of Practice, Professional Practice Evaluation and identify specific competencies you would like to work on to support your professional goals.
  • Research and review websites associated with public health professional organizations.
  • Select one that aligns with your leadership style and goals.
  • Plan to discuss with your practicum mentor the professional leadership resources they would recommend.

The Assignment: (1– to 2–page Paper and 1–page Information Sheet)

Part 1:

  • Identify at least three (3) competencies from the Professional Practice Evaluation list that you feel are in alignment with The Future of Nursing (IOM, 2011) section on Transforming Leadership.
  • Reflect on your career legacy. What do you want to be better in public health because of your efforts? What are your professional goals, and how will they contribute to creating your legacy in public health?
  • Evaluate your identified public health nursing leadership competencies and identify what you need to do to develop each competency further so you can work toward the realization of your career legacy. Be specific, and provide examples.

Part 2:

  • Create an information sheet on a professional organization of interest. Include Mission, Vision, Membership Dues, Conferences, themes/areas of focus, and other information you find useful or interesting.
  • Explain why you feel this organization is relevant, and how it can benefit the professional development of a public health nurse leader.
  • Identify at least one way that you could participate in this organization. Explain how your participation could benefit you professionally and how it might benefit the members of the organization.

By Day 7

Submit your Paper and Information Sheet.

NURS 6730 Week 10: Public Health Leadership at the Professional Level

Leadership Journal: Professional-Level Leadership

This Leadership Journal assignment will require you to reflect on the nuances of professional-level leadership as distinct from the levels you have focused on previously.

To prepare:

  • Schedule a time to discuss professional leadership with your practicum mentor.
  • Review Resources, Discussions, and Assignments from this week and the preceding weeks, and reflect on topics that contribute to your overall development at the professional level.

The Assignment:

  • Develop at least 5 questions you would like to ask of your practicum mentor as it relates to professional-level development.
  • During your scheduled meeting, ask your practicum mentor these questions and take notes.
  • After your discussion with your practicum mentor, review your notes and identify at least three actions you can take toward developing your professional-level leadership as a result of the conversation.

By Day 7

Submit your Leadership Journal.

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