NURS 6411 Week 9:Data Mining and Warehousing

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NURS 6411: Information and Knowledge Management | Week 9

How can data mining and data warehousing help your health care organization?

Consider the example of Charlotte, who is an informatics analyst working for a multi-state chain of hospitals. The executives to whom she reports have asked her to identify how much time it takes for the different insurance companies with whom they do business to make payments on claims. She has been instructed to pay close attention to claims processed between February 2010 and March 2011. In order to address this task efficiently, Charlotte uses her organization’s data warehousing system, which maintains a centralized source of copies of claims, regardless of the originating hospital. After accessing the database, Charlotte applies data mining techniques to generate new correlations between payment speed, insurance companies, and other variables unique to that time period. Due to her organization’s data mining and warehousing capabilities, Charlotte was able to easily identify the amount of time it took for insurance companies to make payments, as well as speculate on the cause of delays.

Charlotte’s case is just one illustration of the benefits that data warehousing and data mining present to health care organizations.

This week, you examine the relationship between data warehousing and data mining and how they can be applied to benefit health care organizations.

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Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Contrast guided data mining with automated data mining
  • Assess how health care data should be warehoused to allow for data mining
  • Formulate strategies for addressing concerns about of data mining

NURS 6411 Week 9:Data Mining and Warehousing essay assignment

As discussed in this week’s readings, data warehousing is a method of data storage that allows for streamlined data management and retrieval. Data mining software aids in clarifying the relationships between stored data and assists in retrieving specific information as needed. In health care organizations, the information this process yields can be used to cut costs and improve patient care.

For this Discussion, you explore the concept of data mining from a health care perspective.

To prepare:

  • What are the potential benefits of using data mining in health care?
  • Review the information in the Learning Resources on the different types of data warehousing and how the one selected impacts data mining.
  • Review the Hey article, “The Next Scientific Revolution.” Consider how data mining through machine learning can be applied to health care.
  • Read the section on data mining on pp. 671-673 in the course text, Database Systems: Design, Implementation, and Management and consider how it connects to the content in the Hey article. According to the text, are the data mining techniques Hey describes guided or automated?
  • Using the Walden Library, locate at least one specific example of each type of data mining (guided and automated) in health care. The examples you identify should be different from the examples discussed in the Hey article.
  • Reflect on your initial impressions of automated data mining in health care. What are your thoughts on applying this type of data mining to patient care? Consider possible drawbacks of both guided and automated data mining. What approaches and strategies could be used to address those concerns?
  • Consider any ethical ramifications of using data mining or machine learning as a tool for prognosis.

NURS 6411 Week 9:Data Mining and Warehousing essay assignment

By Day 3

Post an analysis of how data mining can be beneficial to a health care system. Assess how the type of data warehousing used can impact the ability to mine data. Describe examples of the successful use of guided data mining and automated data mining within health care and cite your source. Describe any reservations you have or ethical issues you foresee in using data mining to provide health care information. What approaches and strategies could be used to address those concerns? Justify your responses.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days. Provide additional insights you have on the benefits and drawbacks of using data mining in health care. In addition, outline an approach or strategy that could be used to address the reservations about data mining that your colleagues described.