NURS 6411 Week 5: Fundamentals of Relational Databases

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NURS 6411: Information and Knowledge Management | Week 5

Throughout this course, you have been exploring how databases are used in health care organizations to store, organize, and navigate large quantities of patient data and information. Before you can develop those databases, however, you need to have a firm grasp of key principles and terminology. This will ensure that you can create a database that will save and retrieve information in the most efficient manner. Microsoft Access is a database application that can be used to simplify the process. It is, therefore, an important and powerful tool for nurse informaticists to have in their toolkit. In order to use it effectively, however, you must understand the structure of a database.

This week, you review some of the key concepts involved in creating a database. In particular, the focus is on examining exactly what is meant by the term relational database. You also gain hands-on experience using Access. You begin working with features in Access including tables and queries.

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Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Analyze the relationship between relational and entity relational databases
  • Develop a conceptual model for a database

NURS 6411 Week 5: Fundamentals of Relational Databases essay assignment

When embarking on any new project or learning experience, it is essential that you have a strong foundation of understanding constructed from key concepts and parameters. As you begin your work with databases and database design, you should develop a firm understanding of key concepts and parameters that are critical to the foundation of all database design.

In this Discussion, you examine these key fundamental principles of database design.

To prepare:

  • Review the information in this week’s Learning Resources concerning relational and entity relational databases. Focus on how the two are interconnected.
  • Review information concerning cardinalities and consider what they are, how they are developed, and their role in database design.
  • Review information concerning business rules, what they represent, and how they are reflected in the entity relationship diagrams.
  • Review the conceptual model (Figure Q4.5) on page 150 of your text, Database Systems: Design, Implementation, and Management  Think of a similar example of how each of these concepts would be reflected in a database design for your own organization.

NURS 6411 Week 5: Fundamentals of Relational Databases essay  assignment

By Day 3

Post a brief analysis of the connection between entity relational modeling and relational databases. Discuss a brief example of a conceptual model that could be used in your own organization and list at least one business rule and two cardinalities that apply to that model.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days. Help clarify their explanations of key concepts. For the conceptual model they provided, suggest an additional cardinality that would apply and why it would be necessary to use it.