NSG 416 Theoretical Development and Conceptual Frameworks

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NSG 416 Theoretical Development and Conceptual Frameworks essay assignment

NSG 416Wk 2 – Knowing in Practice

Assignment Content

Jean Watson\’s influence on nursing practice is significant. As all theorists do, she has a perspective through which she views nursing care and practice. This activity will help frame the guiding principles of University of Phoenix curriculum through the application of theory-based thinking.

Describe the five patterns of knowledge and how they can be applied in nursing practice.

Summarize the main points of Jean Watson’s theory of human caring, including the 10 carative factors.

Determine how Jean Watson views the following patterns of knowledge:
Empirical knowledge (the science)
Esthetic knowledge (the art)
Ethical knowing (what constitutes good actions for that patient)
Personal knowing (nurse-patient relationship)

Explain which pattern(s) are more evident or easier to apply in Watson\’s theory of human caring, citing specific examples to support your explanation.

Reflect on how you may (or do) use caring science in practice, and cite a practice scenario in which you could or do apply the theory to patient care.

(Anxiousnurse currently works in psychiatric nursing, addiction treatment, detoxification using CIWA, geriatric psychiatric care. Previous nursing experience in med/surg, radiation oncology, nursing supervision in psychiatric settings)

Cite a minimum of two in-text sources, and include a page or slide with APA-formatted references, depending on how you format your assignment.

NSG 416 Theoretical Development and Conceptual Frameworks

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This course focuses on behaviors, attitudes, and values necessary for theory-based professional nursing practice. The roles of baccalaureate nurses are presented within the frameworks of Watson’s theory of human caring and Benner’s theory of novice to expert.
Course Student Learning Outcomes
1. Analyze the theoretical foundations of nursing knowledge.
2. Explain how nursing knowledge is applied in practice.
3. Explain the intersection of theory, research, and practice.
4. Apply nursing theory in practice situations.
5. Evaluate the theory-practice gap.


NURS 8551 Week 5: Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks

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