NR 601 Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Discussion Week 1

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NR 601 Week 1 Discussion Board – Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment


The purpose of this assignment is to review the components of the comprehensive geriatric assessment 

Due Date:  The initial posting to the graded collaborative discussions is due ... Peer and faculty responses are due by . Please note that the late assignment policy does not apply to the collaborative discussions.  A 10% late penalty will be imposed for discussions posted after the deadline, regardless of the number of days late.


Step 1: Review the assigned topics which are listed by student number. For example, if your student number is 2 you will discuss the functional health domain and then respond to a classmate who has posted on the psychological health domain.

Your student number:  Your-assessment domain Your peer response domain
1 and 5 Physical health Socioenvironmental health & quality of life measures
2 and 6 Functional health   Psychological health
3 and 7 Psychological health   Functional health
4 and 8 Socioenvironmental health & quality of life measures   Physical health

Step 2: For your assigned assessment domain:

  1. Provide a brief 3-5 sentence summary of the components of the domain assessment*
  2. Choose a screening tool which is appropriate for your domain. Explain the screening tool purpose, components and scoring technique*
  3. Provide 2 references in APA format beneath the table which support your work.  You may use the textbook. The second reference must be a scholarly source. ____ *All responses must be your work, in your own words.

Your table should look like the following:

Comprehensive Geriatric  Assessment
Domain Dimensions of assessment Screening tool related to the domain(s) 

Step 3: Paste table inside the discussion board post. Do not attach as a document.

Step 4: Respond to a peer’s post. Your assigned response to a peer requirement is listed within the assignment table. Peer response will include:

  • Compares peer domain to student’s assigned assessment domain, noting similarities and differences*
  • Peer review: discuss how your assigned peer’s screening tool can be applicable in your own future practice*

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