NR 322 Exam Three Study Guide

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NR 322 Nursing Of Children

  1. Review Hirschsprung Disease. What is it? Complications? Treatments?
  2. Review Crohn’s disease vs. ulcerative colitis. Similarities vs. differences?
  3. Management of trauma in children – goals of care, signs of renal trauma, cerebral trauma,etc.
  4. What is pyloric stenosis? How do we care for these kids, what complications are we trying to prevent?
  5. Review Intussusception – what is it, symptoms, treatment?
  6. Review the different types of Hepatitis? How are they spread?
  7. What is hydrocephalus? How do we treat it? Goals of care? How do we minimize complications?
  8. What is acute glomerulonephritis? Signs/symptoms? Treatment?
  9. What is nephrotic syndrome? Goals of care? Signs/symptoms?
  10. Signs/symptoms of appendicitis? Complications of appendicitis? Nursing interventions?
  11. Review Diabetes Insipidus.
  12. Review SIADH. What is it? How do we treat it?
  13. What is juvenile hypothyroidism? Signs/symptoms? Treatments?
  14. Review diabetes mellitus.
  15. What is DKA? Treatments?
  16. Review the levels of consciousness.
  17. Review a normal vs. abnormal neurological assessment.
  18. Review what to do during a pediatric trauma – what are our priorities?
  19. Review post-concussion syndrome.
  20. Review bacterial meningitis. What is it? Treatments?
  21. Review seizures – types, treatments.
  22. Review GCS.
  23. How to care for the immobilized child. Concerns related to immobilization?
  24. Sports injuries and adolescents.
  25. What is JIA (JRA)? Treatments?
  26. What is systemic lupus erythematosus? Treatments?
  27. What is CP? Treatments? Types?
  28. What is Guillain-Barre syndrome? Treatments?
  29. What is muscular dystrophy? What is Duchenne muscular dystrophy?

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