Essay assistance with crepitus diagnosis and treatment (Question 1)

MP is a retired male who is sixty-five years old. His back, knees, and hips hurt, so he’s making an appointment to get some relief today. According to him, this pain has been going on for the last six months, but over-the-counter Advil has helped him manage it. Stiffness, along with intermittent shooting and aching aches that radiate throughout the body, is how he characterizes the agony. Joint edema is something he strongly rejects. Nevertheless, he is here to explore alternative possibilities because the over-the-counter meds are not producing the desired results. Upon examination, his right and left hips show discomfort, and both knees test positive for crepitus. Every test result falls within the usual range. Answer the following questions:


What other information would you want to have? Is there anything more that MP needs to be tested?
Is there anything that might be causing his symptoms?
For more relief, he inquires about the possibility of injecting himself in both knees. In what ways would you answer that?
How would you go about treating this?
Be sure to note the schedules and dosages for any medications. Provide a summary of the patient’s education and any changes to their lifestyle. You should cite at least one peer-reviewed article and one published clinical guideline to back up your decisions.

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